About Ananey

Founded by Udi Miron in 1996, Ananey Communications is the leading multi-channel TV firm in Israel. With 11 original lifestyle TV channels and exclusive representation of the Viacom brands in Israel (including MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon & Nick Junior), Ananey channels reach a total of 76% of all Israeli households. Ananey's content distribution also spreads through leading Israeli digital platforms, terrestrial channels, airlines and more. Ananey is the home of two production companies, which both produce shows and develop TV formats for the Israeli and the international TV market: Shamaim – which specializes in lifestyle content – and Nutz Productions – which specializes in entertainment, kids’ & youth content. Ananey’s content travels the world through multiple collaborations & partnerships with major TV networks and digital platforms around the globe. Ananey also owns and operates Mars Games - an Israeli pioneer in interactive technology. Ananey’s in-house post-production company, Post Office, is one of the leading creative firms in Israel, covering all of Ananey’s channels & content creative work and collaborates with top Israeli ad agencies and production companies.

Ananey's Showreel - Password: GoNutz

List of Ananey’s Channels:

Lifestyle:The Food Channel, The Good Life Channel, The Travel Channel, The Health Channel, Ego & Ego Total, Style (Russian)
Viacom: MTV (HD), MTV Music, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, & Nick Jr.
Others: MSNBC

Ananey’s Achievements:

2013 Israeli Academy Award Winner for Best Kids’ & Youth Drama – “The Greenhouse” Season 1 (Nickelodeon)

2014 Israeli Academy Award Winner for Best Kids’ & Youth Drama – “The Greenhouse” Season 2 (Nickelodeon)

2014 Taste Awards Winner for Best Foreign TV Show – “Street Food Around the World” (The Food Channel)

2016 Israeli Academy Award Winner for Best Kids’ & Youth Drama – “The Greenhouse” Season 3 (Nickelodeon)

2016 Israeli Academy Award Winner for Best Entertainment show for Kids &Teens - "Fun Rules" (Nickelodeon)

Nutz Productions


Nutz Productions is a high-concept production arm for Ananey Communications. Founded in 2010, Nutz produces all of the original series for the Viacom brands that we represent in Israel (shows on Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. and MTV), as well as for other Israeli networks. The company also develops content in close cooperation with foreign production entities, honing its expertise in international productions.

Nutz Productions is dedicated to creating the highest quality entertainment and has quickly become the source of some of the edgiest, most exciting and original programming in its market. The company has a diverse range of productions such as dramas, sitcoms, talk shows, reality shows, game shows, stand-up comedy and sketch shows that target audiences of all ages.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

Why Produce with us?

Producing in Israel is extremely cost effective. The climate is great, the teams are well experienced and the result is impressive and of the highest international standards.

Among Our Clients:



Preschool, Kids & Teens

Lifestyle & Factual