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Ananey specializes in the creation and management of original and localized channels. The company operates over 15 channels including original lifestyle channels: Goodlife, Food, Travel, Health, EGO and EGO Total Channels; fully localized Viacom channels: MTV, Nickelodeon,Nick Jr., Comedy Central; and acts as the local agent for MSNBC and CNBC.

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Founded by Udi Miron in 1996, Ananey Communications is one of the leading multi-channel content providers and distribution firms in Israel. Ananey produces over 15 original channels, including The Good Life, The Food Channel, The Health Channel, The Travel Channel, and the men’s channel Ego. Additionally, Ananey is the local operator of Viacom channels Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Comedy Central, and MTV Israel; as well as the local agent for CNBC and MSNBC.

Ananey Communications is comprised of four subsidiary companies: Ananey Channels, NUTZ Productions, Post Office-Post Production and Mars Interactive; and has four main business lines: TV channel production and operation, channel representation, television content production ,and interactive and digital content creation.

Every year, Ananey produces over 500 hours of local and international programming. These programs have been sold to hundreds of countries world-wide and are broadcasting on major international networks airing in hundreds of territories.

Along with strong content development, Ananey Communications has established a 3-screen, 360-degree approach to production, encompassing traditional broadcasting with new technology and up-and-coming platforms. One of Ananey's areas of expertise is Extended TV, a technology which enables programmers and marketers to engage directly with their television audience by making shows and advertising more compelling through interactivity.