Launched March 2002 on digital cable, EGO channel is the first Israeli channel specifically tailored for the hot-blooded 18-45 male audience. The channel features both international and local programs in 4 genres - non-fiction action, finance, boys' toys and adult oriented content. With a cheeky and humorous on-air look and feel, the channel broadcasts 24/7. On 2006 Ego began to broadcast on Israeli satellite as well.

EGO is Israel's first interactive channel with enhanced services developed by 'Zoe Interactiv, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ananey Communications, which specializes in the creation of high quality original content for new media and interactive television

With one touch of the button on the cable remote, the easy-to-navigate interactive services bring viewers the very latest in infotainment, updates, deals and competitions.


Ego's schedule and interactive services focus on several content worlds:

Boys' Toys
The fast pace and information oriented lifestyle of the modern man, from the latest gadgets and cars, to fashion, wine, cigars and more

Non-Fiction Action
Across the globe and back, with cutting edge programs on adventure travel around the world, wrestling, extreme sports and more.
Sexy late night talk shows, saucy magazines, bikini contests, naked news and much more.