Nutz Productions’ Hit Daily Teen Drama Spell Keepers Won Best Drama for Kids and Teens at the Israeli Television Academy Awards

The Show’s 2nd season is currently airing on Israel’s Teen-Nick Channel

Last Friday at the Israeli Television Academy Awards Spell Keepers, the supernatural live-action drama for teens, won Best Drama for Kids and Teens. Nutz Productions, a subsidiary company of Ananey Communications Group, produced the series that recently launched on Nickelodeon Poland.  Teen Nick’s Spell Keepers has enjoyed phenomenal rating success airing on ‘yes’ DBS, which also commissioned the show.

Spell Keepers is an exciting, mysterious and fantastical suspense series consisting of 50 episodes per season, and a daily broadcast. It focuses on two strong and determined girl heroines – Kirki and Layla who have set out to perform their crucial roles in the world. As they strive to save humanity, they must choose between their own personal happiness and fulfill their destinies, while facing an inevitable collision between good and evil.

Spell Keepers was co-created by Sivan Shiknagy, Einat Shahak and screenwriter Michal Cooper-Keren, one of the busiest screenwriters in Israel. With dozens of local and international successes under her belt Cooper-Keren created the hit teen-drama North Star, which was remade in the UK as The Lodge for the Disney Channel (produced by Zodiak media for Disney UK), and Summer Break Stories, which aired on The Disney Channels in Italy and  France. Cooper-Keren also created and directed documentaries for the British Channel 4, Canal+, National Geographic Channel and many more. Sivan Shiknagy is a published Israeli poet and journalist, Einat Shahak is a creator of online content and a journalist.

Founded in 2010, Nutz Productions is a high-end concept and production arm for Ananey Communications Group. Nutz produces all the original series for the Viacom brands (including shows on the Israeli Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Teen Nick and MTV Israel), as well as for other Israeli networks. The company also develops content in close cooperation with foreign production entities, honing its expertise in international productions. Recently, Nutz Productions was commissioned by Netflix to produce its remake production of Greenhouse Academy – an original live-action daily-drama series which was first to broadcast for 4 seasons on Nickelodeon Israel and locally produced by Nutz as well.