Ananey Studios back to shooting TV series this week amid Covid-19

Ananey has several other shows that will also go into production this summer

Tel Aviv, Israel While television and movie production all over Israel came to halt with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in March, Ananey Studios, a television production company, announced on Tuesday that shooting would begin again this week on its tween series Sky.  Sky is a family adventure and suspense series by Giora Chamitzer, who created the Netflix series Greenhouse Academy and the Israeli series Ha Hamama, on which it was based.

Sky tells the story of an assertive alien girl who crash lands in a small town on Earth. Until she can figure out how to get home, she hides in plain sight, with the support of two nerdy friends, by morphing into the most popular girl in school. The show is planned to be released in 2021 on Israel’s Teen Nick Channel.

Ananey has several other shows that will go into production this summer. These include a new season of Mesibat Yetsira, the DIY series that was purchased by the BBC and remade as Craft Party; a new season for Nick Junior’s award-winning preschool show Rescue Team; Unsupervised, a sitcom for teens that will debut on KAN 11, the Israeli government broadcasting channel; and a second season for the teen summer show The Top Floor, to air on Teen Nick Channel.

Alongside its latest children’s and young adults’ shows, Ananey will also produce new programs for its channels specializing in reality television and lifestyle content, including Kadosh’s Secrets, a baking show with the family that runs Cafe Kadosh in Jerusalem, to debut on The Food Channel, and two new seasons of Odetta and The Most Beautiful Homes in Israel on the Lifestyle Channel.

Source: Jpost