Ananey Studios and Driver Studios are proud to present: Sweets Cafe

YUMMY US-ISRAEL co-pro for preschoolers turns lovable fairy tales into delicacies by magically combining live action with animation debuts internationally this fall!

Tel Aviv, Israel Ananey Studios (Israel) and Driver Studios (U.S.) have joined forces to create a new specially crafted series for preschoolers, Sweets Café, which will debut locally on Nick Jr. via Israeli broadcaster HOT and internationally on Cool School, Driver’s innovative YouTube channel with over 1.2 million subscribers.

Sweets Café playfully re-tells well known fairy tales by sprinkling a modern twist on each story to turn it into a delicious and relevant treat. The magical 10×12 episode series combines live action with colorful animation by Driver Studios.  The series is produced simultaneously in the U.S. by Driver Studios and in Israel by Ananey Studios and uses parallel casts of local well-known stars in each country.

Sweets Café revolves around Marshmallow, an energetic cartoon monkey-chef who owns a lively café full of interesting customers – real actors, cartoons, and imaginary characters. In each episode, Rosie – a sweet girl visits the Café to taste some of Marshmallow’s delicacies and listens to his surprisingly hilarious versions of her favorite fairy tales.

Sweets presents progressive versions of well-known fairy tales, while adapting their content and messages to fit 21ST century values and our current, modern lives. The stories are injected with empowering content, values of friendship and equality, and a unique sense of humor. The series is comprised of five tales, with each tale spreading over two episodes: Little Red Riding Hood and the magical pizza, Sleeping Beauty and the perfect pancake, Goldilocks and the three roosters, Jackie and the jellybeans, and Cinderella the amazing chef.

The Israeli version of Sweets Café stars the Mosseri brothers, Ido and Tal, long-time actors and presenters who are extremely popular among kids in Israel. Ido dubs the main character Marshmallow, while Tal participates as a real-life café goer. Rosie is played by the talented Yahel Buskila (12), who also dubs the heroine in each tale!

In the U.S., Rosie is played by Kaylin Hedges, who most notably portrayed Annie in the Hollywood Bowl’s production of ANNIE.

The heroine’s animated character is modeled after both Israeli and U.S. actresses courtesy of Driver Studios’s advanced animation technology and creative team, who skillfully created a sweet universe of tasty animation where cartoons and humans coexist.

Rob Kurtz, Head of Creative at Driver Studios, says “Our partnership with the team at Ananey on “Sweets Cafe” has truly been an outstanding experience, their enthusiasm and creative talents have been amazing and have helped us bring to life fun and original twists to classic stories that we know kids will love! We hope this is the beginning of many great co-productions together!”

Ananey’s VP of Content Shirley Oran says “We have been lucky to share our vision with such great partners like Driver Studios. Creating this delicious show has been a fascinating journey. We are proud of this innovative collaboration and excited to expand our reach by showcasing our content on Cool School’s wonderful YouTube channel.”

Sweets Café premiered August 2nd on Nick Jr. Israel, and internationally this fall via Driver’s Cool School YouTube channel.

About Driver Studios

Driver Studios is a next generation family and youth entertainment company. The multi-award winning New York City based studio has over 17 years of production experience creating content, by specializing in episodic storytelling and audience development for kids and families. With a following of over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube via its “Cool School” channel, Driver has a far reach in animated and live action children’s entertainment content, and is focused on developing properties that embrace every digital and physical touchpoint and reach kids everywhere.

About Ananey Studios (FKA Nutz Productions)

Founded in 2010, Ananey Studios is a high-end concept and production arm for Ananey Communications Group. Ananey Studios produces original series for the ViacomCBS brands (including shows on the Israeli Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Teen Nick and MTV Israel), as well as for other Israeli networks. The company also develops content in close cooperation with foreign production entities, honing its expertise in international productions.

About HOT

HOT Telecommunications is the leading telecom group in Israel, providing a wide range of telecom services: Cable & OTT TV, high-speed cable internet, mobile and fixed telephone services, and B2B services. As the largest TV company in Israel, with over 1 million subscribers (%47 MS), HOT provides the best viewing experience with cutting edge technology (4K resolution and Multi Wi-Fi experience), more than 200 linear channels, and a Mega VOD service with over 50K titles.