Women That Have Made an Impact in Global Entertainment, Ananey CEO & EVP Paramount Israel, Orly Atlas Katz

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, Variety once again praises the accomplishments of showbiz women around the world. Talent, success, and plenty of inspiration span this report, spanning across creative and business sectors. The women saluted here include Oscar and Emmy winners, as well as streaming executives and producers creating entertainment for audiences from South Korea and the United Kingdom and beyond. In this report, they share their remarkable accomplishments as well as goals for global creative women in the future.

Orly Atlas Katz

CEO, Ananey, EVP Paramount Israel

As CEO of Ananey and executive vice president of Paramount Israel, Atlas Katz has shepherded a myriad of high-profile projects for the joint company’s global content pipeline. In 2021, the Tel Aviv-based Atlas Katz rolled out the comic adventure series “Spyders,” a Nickelodeon co-production, to over 130 countries, including the U.K., Australia, Spain and Brazil. Under Atlas Katz’s leadership, Ananey’s series “Rising” won several Israel Kids Television Academy Awards. “Lucky for me, Paramount Plus [formerly branded ViacomCBS] is really all about diversity and inclusion,” says Atlas Katz. “They are always working to promote women. My senior management team is 75% women. Which is not by mistake. It’s just that they are the best in everything.”

A goal for 2022: “To have Israeli content all over the place — Israeli drama, Israeli kids shows.”