A Major International Achievement for An Israeli Documentary: It Won Another Prestigious Award

The documentary GUILT by filmmaker Roni Aboulafia has won another award, this time the Visioni dal Mondo at the 2023 CoPro Market, which guarantees its participation in the celebrated Visioni dal Mondo festival in Milan.


The documentary ‘Guilt’ by filmmaker Roni Aboulafia, under the production of Ananey Studios, won the Visioni dal Mondo award at the 2023 CoPro Market last weekend. The prestigious award guarantees the film’s participation in the celebrated Visioni dal Mondo festival in Milan, Italy, this upcoming September. This is the second major award for Roni Aboulafia’s documentary.

‘Guilt’, a 90-minute documentary, recounts the incredible rescue story of five out of 200 Afghan women who remained in Afghanistan under Taliban regime following the recent departure of the American troops. The film has already won the DocsBarcelona award in a pitching event held by FIPADOC last January.

As a result, the acclaimed film had also participated in the DocsBarcelona festival which took place last May. These are two of the top documentary festivals in the world. The film is due for broadcasting on Kan 11. An event by CoPro took place in Tel Aviv on June 5-8, in which Israeli documentaries (both TV and film) were revealed for senior figures in the global documentary industry.



Originally posted on Ice, 19/06/2023