On Our Own S3

Mini-Checkout: On Our Own 3 on Kan 11

On Our Own 3 | Kan 11 /  The Kan Broadcasting Corporation has branded itself as the number one content creator for children and youth, with huge hits such as ‘Cramel’, ‘Shakshuka’ and ‘My Nephew Benz’. ‘On Our Own’, from the creators of hit show ‘Checkout’, should also be added to this distinguished list (85 million views on digital speak for themselves). In the third season, the Tzur family must deal with the economic damages of the Corona virus and the renovation of their house, and the parents Nati (Adi Ashkenazi) and Dudi (Yossi Marshek), decide to earn some money by going to work in South America for three months. Will things at home go smoothly or will their four children, who are left on their own again, get involved in more adventures? And also: how did Ramzi (Amir Shurush) get into the picture?




Published in the 7 Nights magazine of Yediot Aharonot, 6/30/2023