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Henson, Ananey to Develop “The Season Keepers”

EXCLUSIVE: Scriptwriter Craig Bartlett is lined up for this 2D-animated series about twins who get caught up in an epic battle between the seasons.
By Ryan Tuchow
Published on Kidscreen | June 10, 2024

The Jim Henson Company and Paramount’s Tel Aviv-based Ananey Studios (Greenhouse Academy) are teaming up to develop a new 2D-animated series called The Season Keepers.

Aimed at six- to 12-year-olds, this original concept revolves around twins who move to their grandmother’s small village when their parents get divorced. What starts out as an unwanted trip turns into an epic adventure when they become embroiled in a battle between the four seasons that they must help resolve in order to save the world.

Character designer and visual development artist Bosmat Agayoff (Barbie Dreamtopia) created and designed the series, inspired by Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi’s famous “The Four Seasons” violin concertos. Gili Dolev is directing, with Henson execs Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford on board as executive producers. And the companies have already secured scriptwriter Craig Bartlett (Dinosaur Train).

The series’ hopeful focus on healing the environment appealed to Henson, as did the unique look of Agayoff’s characters and creatures, says president of television Halle Stanford.