Telling Nonie

“Telling Nonie” Wins Prize for Intercultural Dialogue at Jüdisches Filmfestival Berlin | Brandenburg

Ananey Studios’ documentary film “Telling Nonie” has garnered significant recognition at the Jüdisches Filmfestival Berlin | Brandenburg (JFBB), winning the prestigious Prize for Intercultural Dialogue. The film, created and directed by Paz Schwartz, with Uriel Sinai as co-director and cinematographer, delves into the complex and poignant journey of Geizi Tsafrir, an 88-year-old former SHABAK agent.

The jury praised “Telling Nonie” for its depiction of a personal story of forgiveness and reparation. They noted how the film portrays an unlikely relationship between individuals who might consider themselves enemies, but who eventually enter a calm and open dialog. They also complimented the film’s extraordinary way of speaking about the courage to remain true to oneself, doing so with a special touch of Jewish humor.

“Telling Nonie” explores Geizi’s reflections on his early involvement in a targeted assassination operation in the 1950s Gaza Strip, during his time with the Israeli Security Agency. As Geizi revisits this part of his past, he discovers that the target’s daughter, Nonie Darwish, now resides in Los Angeles. Without revealing his role in her father’s death, Geizi initiates contact with Nonie, embarking on a path of personal reexamination and seeking closure.

As the documentary unfolds, Geizi reunites with his former partners in the operation, uncovering new and unsettling truths. His journey ultimately leads him to a profound decision – to reveal the full story to Nonie, in hopes of easing his conscience and bridging the chasm of their shared history. This powerful narrative underscores the transformative power of storytelling in fostering understanding and bridging cultural divides.

The Jewish Film Festival Berlin | Brandenburg, the largest Jewish film festival in Germany, showcases a diverse array of international films, including arthouse films, blockbusters, historical documentaries, and family comedies. The festival’s mission is to highlight Jewish history, present, and future, maintain the memory of the Shoah, and combat anti-Semitic attitudes.

“Telling Nonie” has already achieved critical acclaim, winning Best Documentary at the 2023 Haifa International Film Festival and the Audience Choice Award at the Punta del Este Jewish Film Festival, and has also been screened at various festivals around the world. Its latest accolade at the JFBB further solidifies its impact and significance in the realm of documentary filmmaking.