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Ananey is a leading Tel Aviv-based media company specializing in the production of diverse and unique content, with a 360 expertise in managing media. As a Paramount company, Ananey is the exclusive operator of many popular content brands, reaching most households across Israel, including lifestyle channels and the Paramount portfolio. Ananey has been the most prominent player in the kids & teens Israeli media market for over 20 years. Ananey’s multidisciplinary studio develops and produces award-winning original content for the local & international entertainment markets alike while promoting the most outstanding creative forces in the thriving Israeli market. As part of its holistic view of media, Ananey has its own in-house Tech subsidiary that focuses on developing innovative interactive products that reinvent the experience of TV watching.

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Ananey Studios is an award-winning Tel Aviv-based studio that develops and produces inventive content spanning a variety of genres and target demos from live-action preschool shows to high-concept dramas, kids’ and teens’ must-watch tv shows, sitcoms, animation, documentary, lifestyle, and formats. Ananey Studios is part of the prestigious club of Paramount endorsed brands such as Paramount Pictures, Miramax, and Showtime, and its content has traveled to major international platforms (including Netflix, Nickelodeon, MTV, BBC, and HBO). We aim to promote the greatest talents and creative forces in the thriving Israeli market while maintaining the highest standards of production and values.  

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Ananey Tech (Previously Mars Interactive) is a subsidiary of Ananey, which develops interactive products in the television domain that creatively utilizes Israel's resources as a leading technological powerhouse, connecting gaming and programming. Ananey Tech specializes in creating view-enhancing technologies, for major markets, including the US, EU, and LATAM.  As part of Ananey’s leading Israeli media group, Ananey Tech not only has the technological skills to build applications, but also a comprehensive understanding of content needed to create the Extended TV experience, leading the market in the second-screen arena, content enhancement, and gamification.

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