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Family Rocks follows the Stone Age adventures of the first modern family in history, the Quartzes, and includes Mom Rocksan, Dad Tuff, and 6-year-old twins Pebble and Gemma. After centuries of unruly Neanderthals with a crude parenting style called “pointing and grunting,” the Quartzes communicate verbally, explore together, tell stories, create art, and even talk about their feelings and emotions. As the new modern family, the Quartzes have to figure out everything on their own, and they soon realize that sometimes people have to get things wrong before getting them right – which is all part of the fun. Among the adventures and life-changing discoveries the Quartzes stumble upon are the wheel, fire, music, art, and the game, “I spy with my little eye.”

Created by Ananey's Head of Animation Development Gili Dolev, an Emmy, BAFTA and Annie-nominated creator and director whose credits include Zack & Quack (Nickelodeon), based on his multiple award-winning short, The Happy Duckling; Nella the Princess Knight (Nick Jr. and 9 Story); and Powerbirds (Universal Kids).   The series is also being produced by Splash Entertainment, a multi-award-winning studio with a wide array of kid- and family-friendly programming.

Genre: Animated Digital Preschool series

Produced by: Ananey Studios & Splash Entertainment

Duration: 52 x 7'

Status: In Pre-production (writing) 

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