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With love, like magnets, there are only two options: you either attract or repel. Babe Magnet is a brand new cutting-edge studio dating show format that transforms the traditional dating game show with an original, outrageous twist. In this comedic action-packed show, the magnetic force becomes the ultimate matchmaker.


In Babe Magnet four single guys vie for the heart of one hot babe and answer all her questions on sex, love and attraction. But the catch is that every round incorporates crazy magnetic devices, never before seen on TV. In one round, contestants are stuck to a giant fridge! Every time the babe rejects a guy, she operates a magnetic device to repel them away. In three rounds, the babe eliminates each guy one by one, until she finally chooses her babe magnet.

Genre: Dating Game Show

Produced by: Ananey Studios

Duration:  5 x 30


Network: Comedy Central

Channel Info: HOT 6

Babe Magnet  Trailer
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