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#Seasons | (#Episodes) X (Duration)' | Genre | Created by Yaron Arazi

3 siblings discover that in order to save the universe, they will first have to find out who they really are and, most importantly, why their earlobes keep falling off! When the powers of evil manage to enter our world and forge a sinister plan to destroy us, our only hope are three young siblings: Julia, Chris, and Sammy. All of who were literally born with the abilities to save humanity (and an uncanny knack to get on each other’s nerves). Zombish! is an action-comedy show packed with funny characters who are both evil and good, emotional and feel-good social storylines, and plenty of shrieks, screams, and thrills!

Yaron Arazi is a writer, director and showrunner with extensive experience in both adult and children’s TV shows in Israel. His credits include script editing and directing major prime time shows on HOT (Israel’s cable company) such as Asfur, a runaway hit in Israel and Scarred, an action-packed thriller. Both of which were optioned for American remakes. His most significant works as a creator and showrunner in kids’ TV are The Nerd’s Club, a successful sitcom which lead to a feature film both co-written and directed by Yaron, as well as The Missing, a suspense drama for Nickelodeon Israel whose 3rd season is currently in production.

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