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Fairy Stories is a fun scripted fantasy for preschoolers that comes to life deep in The Butterfly Forest, the home of three lovely fairies who make children’s wishes come true.  They share their lives in the forest with all kinds of magical creatures, among them -  Grimly, a lazy Elf who is constantly cooking up mischief.   Luckily, his wicked plans always go off course, and everyone ends up laughing and singing.


Through sentiment, humor, fun, and music Fairy Stories relates to children's real-life situations.  The fantastic characters' experiences in the show help preschoolers better understand the values of friendship, responsibility, and teamwork, as well as portraying the consequences of one's actions when going morally astray.

Genre: Live-Action Preschool Series

Produced by: Ananey Studios

Duration:  24 x 13'

Seasons:  2

Network: Nick Jr.

Channel Info: HOT 85

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