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 Fairy Express

For a long time, whenever kids asked fairies to grant their wish, it usually resulted in disappointment and chaos. Lacking any system and proper organization, fairies often collected the wrong tooth, ran late, and sometimes didn’t even show up. But no more!


Three entrepreneurs, Sam, Charm, and Wonder, found a way to end this mess before kids stop believing in fairies altogether. They invented a ‘Make-a-Wish’ App to offer instant 21st Century service.


Nowadays, calling a fairy to grant your wish, is just as easy as calling an Uber. Only waaaaay more sparkly and magical!

Genre: Animation

Created by: Gili Dolev & Shirley Oran 

Produced by: Ananey Studios & Cottonwood Media

Duration: 52 X 11’

Seasons: 1

Status: In Development

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