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In this stripped factual entertainment format, 5 strangers who love to travel will meet for the first time in a foreign city to spend 5 days sightseeing. They take turns to act as tour-guide for the day, having full control of the itinerary and everyone’s entertainment – or frustration! The strangers will have little in common except for their love of travel.

Each person will choose a theme for their day as host, which is close to their heart and will reveal something about themselves to the other travellers. Possible themes include love, spirituality, history or street-life. Travelling around in a mini-bus, the itinerary will consist of 3 stops that each support the theme.


At the end of each day, the other 4 travellers will secretly award marks out of 10 to the day’s host. Scores awarded are entirely at the traveller’s discretion – so how the host interacts with the others will be just as important as the places visited. After 5 days, the scores will be added up and the person with the highest score is declared the winner. The prize? A luxury vacation… alone!

Genre: Docu-reality Format

Produced by: Ananey Studios

Distributor: Armoza Formats

Pilot series: 5 x 30/60’ episodes

Networks: Comedy Central &

Travel Channel

Channel Info: HOT 6 & YES 27

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