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Nutz Production's Hit Teen Drama

"The Hood" Has Been Sold To RTP In Portugal

October 15, 2016


The Hood, the Israeli hit daily live-action drama series for kids & teens, which is currently airing its 2nd season on Nickelodeon Israel, has recently been sold to RTP (Rádio e Televisão de Portugal) - Portugal’s state-owned national public broadcaster. The show premiered yesterday (October 17th) in its original version with subtitles on RTP2 which dedicates an important percentage of its daily grid to children and youth audiences with a strong following.


Created by Giora Chamizer and produced by Israeli based Nutz Productions, a subsidiary production company of Ananey Communications Group, The Hood (50 episodes) has been a phenomenal success airing on Nickelodeon Israel. It immediately became Hot's (Israeli Cable Network) most successful teens show and the launch of the series was the most successful launch ever made on HOT VOD Young.


The daily drama skillfully combines edgy class struggles with suspenseful action and big doses of fun: In the middle of one of the richest districts of the country lies "The Hood", a dingy cluster of low-income housing where modest, blue-collar families live. One such family is the Davids: dad Ben is a widower who struggles to support his five kids, and after a string of failed business, Ben is on the verge of bankruptcy and possibly prison. Making things even worse is the mayor, who is constantly trying to get rid of the hood altogether.


The Hood weaves these dramatic stories with both comedy and excitement. Ben’s kids prank the community’s snobbish teens with oftentimes hilarious results, while tales of a mystical treasure lead them on a dangerous quest that could change their lives forever.


The deal with RTP was conducted by Brands & Rights 360, a Madrid based marketing and commercial platform specialized in the integrated management of multimedia brands and content.


The Hood's Creator - Giora Chamizer is also the creator and showrunner of "The Greenhouse Academy", which was recently acquired by Netflix for a remake production, and marks the first time an original Israeli series has been sold to Netflix. Nutz Productions is the production arm for Ananey Communications which produced the Netflix series as well as the original version (3 seasons) and two full seasons of The Hood and a 3rd season which is now being written and is due to start shooting on 2017. With over 400 hours of production content per year, Nutz Productions is leading the original content produced for the Viacom brands in Israel (Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and Nick JR) and for other channels as well.

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