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Nutz Productions set to shoot Sky, a new adventure tween drama series by the creator of Greenhouse Academy 

January 16, 2020

Filming on ‘Sky’ (2 seasons, 20x22’ – Nutz Productions), a new adventure drama from the creator and producers of Netflix's ‘Greenhouse Academy’ – Giora Chamizer and Nutz Productions – together with writer Noa Pnini, will begin in February 2020 on various locations sites all over Israel.  ‘Sky’ tells the story of a smart and assertive alien girl with the same name, whose spaceship accidentally crashes in a small town on earth. While waiting to be rescued, she hides by transforming herself into the body of the most popular girl in high school. With only three goofy friends to help her out, Sky must survive two weeks on earth without being discovered. Alongside the suspenseful dramatic plot, the general air of the show is whimsical and funny.


Giora Chamizer is responsible for some of the most successful young-adult TV Dramas in Israel. He has created and written several hit teen dramas, among them the popular show ‘Hahamama’ (The Greenhouse). The series, produced by Nutz Productions, was voted best teen show by the Israeli Academy of Film and Television. Netflix later remade it under the title ‘The Greenhouse Academy’, with Chamizer acting as the series' showrunner and Nutz Productions producing all seasons in Israel. The American adaptation was launched successfully in over 190 countries, and a third season aired in October this year. Season 4 is set to launch in 2020. Chamizer is also responsible for ‘The Hood’, which was sold to the Portuguese RTP2 channel, and aired in 2016 under the title ‘O Bairro’.   Noa Pnini is a screenwriter and actress. In recent years Pnini has collaborated with Giora Chamizter on various TV projects, among them ‘The Hood’, ‘The Greenhouse’, ‘House Arrest’ and ‘Foxes’.

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