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Universal Music Israel comes on board Nickelodeon Israel teen series Pisces Lane

January 25, 2022

Universal Music Israel has joined ViacomCBS-owned Ananey Studios for Nickelodeon Israel’s live-action teen series about three best friends from different backgrounds who form a band.

Pisces Lane (40×30′), which was announced last year under the title Thalath, marks the first time Universal Music Group (UMG) has partnered to deliver musical production for a scripted series in Israel.

UMG Israel will produce and release all the music for the series, which will be produced by Ananey Studios in partnership with The Co-Production Company, which launched last year with backing from France’s Superprod Group, and is seeking to secure financing and global distribution for all territories outside of Israel.

Pisces Lane centres on three 16-year-old best friends growing up together in a mixed neighbourhood in Jaffa where Jews, Arabs and refugees from Africa live side by side. Though they each come from a different culture, their friendship is stronger than any language or religion.

In the series, the girls start a multilingual band called Talatha, whose original music will be featured as part of the series.

The series is created by Michal Cooper Keren and Lior Yaron, with Cooper Keren serving as showrunner.

The writing duo have previously collaborated on Spyders for Nickelodeon International; Spell Keepers, which was sold to HBO Europe and other European broadcasters; North Star, which was adapted into US show The Lodge and aired on Disney channels in 100 countries; and Summer Days, which aired in dubbed versions on dozens of Disney channels in western Europe and South America.

Yoram Mokady, MD of Universal Music Israel, said: “This partnership with Ananey Studios is one of several major projects that UMG Israel will launch in the coming months as we look to expand the profile of Israeli music around the world.”

Orly Atlas-Katz, CEO at Ananey and executive VP at ViacomCBS Israel, said: “Pisces Lane is a truly unique teen series in so many ways, and the music in it is no different,” adding that the show will feature “not only a riveting story and characters but also up-and-coming music talents.”

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