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Living With Landlubbers follows the story of the Lawless clan, a fugitive family of five pirates, who find safe haven in sanitised San Serenity. If they want to stay safe from a Voodoo Queen who’s on the hunt for them, all they’ve got to do is fit in, lay low, and, stay out of trouble.

The only problem is, the Lawlesses are a gang of rowdy pirates and completely unprepared for navigating fake smiles, yappy dogs, manicured lawns and PTA meetings. It’s like the cast of Peaky Blinders trying to fit into The Good Place with added doctors, dentists and lawyers. But as it turns out, a little pirate pizazz is what San Serenity has needed all along.

The animated series is being co-developed by Ananey Studios, Sweetshop & Green, and  Pil Animation, with the support of The Jerusalem Film and Television fund

Genre: Animated Kids Sitcom

Produced by: Ananey Studios,  Sweetshop & Green, Pil Animation

Duration: 52 x 11'

Status: In Development

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