miki shemo bakes from the heart



Is there anything more delicious than a French pastry? Renowned chef Miki Shemo thinks not. His new show, Miki Shemo Bakes from the Heart is devoted entirely to France’s boulangeries and their delightful, world-famous creations.


In every episode, Miki meets an upper-echelon Parisian pastry-maker. Together, they explore the artistry behind confections such as the croissant and the madeleine, visiting both kitchens and museums. Miki then proceeds to a studio kitchen, where he creates his own take on the episode’s sweet-de-jour.


A hit on Israel’s The Food Channel, Miki Shemo Bakes from the Heart consistently improved on the average rating for its time slot.



Genre: Cooking Series

Produced by: Shamaim 

Duration:  51 x 30-45' 

Seasons: 7

Network:  Food Channel