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TeenNick Israel to Premiere ״Rising״ Soon on Sunday 5th April 2020

March 31, 2020

TeenNick Israel (יִשְׂרָאֵל) will premiere Rising, a new brand new live-action adventure series from Nutz Productions on Sunday 5th April 2020

Set in 1946, two years before the state of Israel was founded, Rising follows brother and sister Emile and Elinore, illegal immigrants in Israel. They join a group of teens training in a secret base and recruitment center to act as Strike Forces against the British mandate. The fictional characters and events are juxtaposed against actual historical occurrences and real-life legends.

Rising, aimed at tweens and teens, is locally titled פלמ״ח/Palmach and is created by Eden Gurion and Yehonatan Bar Ilan. Filming on the series wrapped in January 2020. The series will air exclusively on TeenNick Israel, the Nickelodeon-branded tweens-and-teens channel that launched in 2017, via the Hot Cable Network and Yes Satellite network.

The news follows Nutz Productions, the subsidiary production arm of Ananey Communications Group, announcing plans to begin filming work on Sky (2 seasons, 20x22’), a new adventure drama from the creator and producers of Nickelodeon Israel's The Greenhouse and Netflix's Greenhouse Academy – Giora Chamizer and Nutz Productions – together with writer Noa Pnini, in February 2020 on various locations sites all over Israel.

Sky tells the story of a smart and assertive alien girl with the same name, whose spaceship accidentally crashes in a small town on earth. While waiting to be rescued, she hides by transforming herself into the body of the most popular girl in high school. With only three goofy friends to help her out, Sky must survive two weeks on earth without being discovered. Alongside the suspenseful dramatic plot, the general air of the show is whimsical and funny.

Similar to Rising, Sky is also set to premiere on Teen Nick Israel in 2020.

TeenNick Israel also debuted Spyders (formally titled The Covurts), the first original co-production between Nickelodeon International and Israeli production studio Nutz Productions together with Israeli cable network HOT on Wednesday 18th March 2020.

Spyders focuses on Anna and Noah Fisher, highly highly skilled undercover agents who work for a ECCO – Environmental Counter Crime Organization, and are tasked with fighting criminals who endanger nature or the environment. Little do they know that their three kids – Daniel (16), Nikki (15) and Tommy (12) – have discovered their secret occupation and have formed a task force of their own, named Spyders.

Nickelodeon has ordered 40 x 22-minute episodes, which will be distributed to Nickelodeon's international audiences spanning 170+ countries and territories via the brand’s more than 100 channels and branded blocks in 2020.

Ananey Communications Group represents the Viacom brands Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Teen Nick, MTV and Comedy Central in Israel.



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