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A series about two goofballs that rent an apartment together. In each episode, a third roommate comes into play to complicate things even more. By the end he/she gets thrown out of the apartment, making way for the next roommate.


With a fresh and exciting voice, presenting the lives of two very horny and lazy 20 years old who party and smoke whatever they seem to find...The show’s atmosphere is fun, outrageous and wildly appealing to young audiences. 


Roommates was the most successful original show to be broadcast on Comedy Central Israel and its launch generated high viewing ratings. 

Within the 1st two months of its premiere, Roommates had over 1 million video views on facebook and 100,000 views on Youtube making its launch a huge success in the digital market.

Genre: Scripted Comedy

Produced by: Ananey Studios

Duration:  10 x 22'


Network: Comedy Central

Channel Info: HOT 6

Roommates sample episode
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