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Sweets cafe 2.jpg

Genre: Preschool Live Action & Animation

Co-produced by: Nutz Productions & Driver Studios

Duration:  12 x 10'
Seasons:  1

Network: Nick Jr.

Channel Info:  YES/85

Digital: YouTube's Cool School


Sweets Café playfully re-tells well-known fairy tales by sprinkling a modern twist on each story to turn it into a delicious and relevant treat. The magical series combines live-action with colorful animation by Driver Studios. The series is produced simultaneously in the U.S. by Driver Studios and in Israel by Ananey Studios and uses parallel casts of local well-known stars in each country.

Sweets Café, which debuts locally on Nick Jr. via Israeli broadcaster HOT and internationally on Cool School, Driver's innovative Youtube channel with over 1.2 million subscribers.

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