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A modern ghost story that follows the hunt for a vengeful spirit terrorizing an unsuspecting Hasidic community in present-day Jerusalem.

A pair of unlikely demon-hunters— Hasidic psychologist MALKI PRICE and agnostic young physicist DOV BE’ER, join forces to uncover the secret behind the malevolent spirit’s origins.


Their investigation will take them into the heart of the Hasidic occult, challenge the foundations of Price's faith and Be'er's secular beliefs, and pit them against a force of unimaginable evil.

Genre: Thriller-Horror Drama

Created by: Noah Stollman, Avigail Ben Dor Niv & Oded Davidoff

Produced by: Ananey Studios & A+E Studios

Duration: 8 Eps X 45 Mins

Seasons: 1

Network: Kan 11

Channel Info: 11

The Malevolent Bride
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