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A delicious new food show on Nick Jr. 'Cafe Bonbon' merges two great loves of children: role-playing games and preparing real and delicious food in the kitchen!

The program is led by our 3 amazing kid hosts (Kama, Itai, and Maayan) who share the roles in each episode: two chefs/waiters and one surprising customer.  In each episode, the young chefs set the table, serve menus, recommend special dishes from the customer's unique world, prepare the selected dish step by step, and of course, serve it at the end to the customer.

Among the colorful delicacies and customers: seashell-shaped cookies for the mermaid, a treasure map pizza for the pirate and popsicles in traffic light colors for the traffic cop. 'Café Bonbon' is a program where imagination, reality and taste meet in the kitchen. 

Genre:  Preschool Cooking Series

Produced by: Ananey Studios

Duration:  24 x 10'

Seasons:  3

Network: Nick Jr.

Channel Info: YES 85

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