Craft Party

Shai-Ya and Mor, a pair of nine-year-old girls who live and breathe DIY, present to viewers endless possibilities of creativity with materials and colors.


In each program, Shai-Ya and Mor prepare everything they need for a theme party. The parties are always on popular kids topics: unicorns, robots, slime and more, with accessories such as chocolate, balloons, stars, glitter, hearts, rabbits, ice creams etc.

In each chapter, the girls teach the audience, step by step, the preparation of one or two creation items. On the show’s YouTube channel, the viewers can find additional videos, in which they can learn how to create other things, which were presented on the show in a more casual way.


The program aired in August 2017 and immediately became a leading series on Nick Jr. on VOD and on YouTube. The second season was immediately approved and released in February 2018. The third season was green-lit and will be broadcast 2019.


Genre: Preschool DIY Series

Produced by: Nutz Productions

Duration:  29 x 10'
Seasons: 5

Network: Nick Jr.

Channel Info:  HOT/85