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A poor mistake of one genius mother in her science lab places a perfectly normal family in a situation where the three children must now live under one roof with two more teenagers – their PARENTS. Until they’re able to fix what went wrong, they must live together in the same house, and keep the whole thing a secret from the world. Worst of all, the parents must join their teenage twin's class in high school – pretending to be their cousins.

How does it feel to go to school WITH your parents? How does it feel when the hottest boy in class falls in love with your MOTHER instead of falling for you? And how did it happen that your DAD now has more friends on FACEBOOK than you?

Will the kids and parents of the Gillman family learn new things about each other, about family and perceptions, before they change back to being normal?

Genre: Live Action Drama

Created by: Ori Gross

Produced by: Tedy Productions

Duration: 25 x 22'

Seasons: 2

Network: Teen Nick

Channel Info: HOT 81

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