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Little ones are always fascinated by their parents’ workplace and they'd do anything to join their mom or dad at work.


Produced exclusively for satellite TV provider YES - as the spin-off of the Nick Jr. Israel hit show - Off to Work We Go, I’m all Grown Up gives youngsters the opportunity to explore their parents’ professional life. 


In each episode, a boy or a girl join their parents at their workplace helping them to accomplish their daily tasks. From visiting a dog daycare to picking strawberries from the field, children learn everything about their parents’ profession while spending quality time with them in unique and fun surroundings.


This documentary style series introduces children to the professional lives of grown-ups in an accessible and fun way that inspires their curiosity.  

Genre: Kids Docu-Series

Produced by: Ananey Studios

Duration:  28 x 10'

Seasons:  3

Network: Nick Jr.

Channel Info: Yes 85

I’m All Grown Up Sample Episode
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