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Shelly (14) a gifted, quick-witted, funny, mega go-getter, shows up at her father’s door in the big city one day, hoping to become a super standup comedian like her dad.

But when her father's comedy clubs falls into debt, Shelly uses her acute business thinking & charisma to open an afternoon line of kids' standup that immediately shows excellent potential and hope for a new future. They begin to serve food, drinks and organize occasions for kids, such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, kids' karaoke, Fortnite nights, and naturally, kids' standup shows where Shelly becomes the main attraction with her edgy, cool take on kids' life.


Genre: Tween Comedy

Created by: Hagit Bilia & Lior Kfir Rafael

Produced by: Ananey Studio

Duration: 10 x 22'

Seasons: 1

Network: Teen Nick

Channel Info: YES 94

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