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For kids, the “work” that adults go off to is a mystery. Off to Work We Go is the show that solves it, giving its young viewers a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most fascinating professions out there.


In each episode, a boy or a girl is invited to see the workday in one captivating occupation. A dairy farmer shows a child how to bottle feed baby cows; a fireman lets his young apprentice spray water with a working fire hose; a sailor lets a young girl captain a ship, and so on.


Off to Work We Go introduces kids to the professional lives of adults in a way that is accessible and fun and shows them how every occupation is a marvelous world unto its own.


The spin-off of Off to Work We Go, I’m All Grown Up was produced exclusively for satellite TV provider YES. I’m all Grown Up gives youngsters the opportunity to explore their parents’ professional life.  

Genre: Kids Docu-Series

Produced by: Ananey Studios

Duration:  12 x 7'

Seasons:  2

Network: Nick Jr.

Channel Info: HOT 85 & Yes 85

Off To Work We Go  Sample Episode
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