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Gili Abramson is the new kid in town, and life at school isn't easy…That is until her mother gives her a birthday present, she had built herself, her new groundbreaking invention: The Personal Pop Star 3.0, or in short – PPS3. He's not quite a pop star. He's not quite a robot. He's not quite human. He must be kept completely secret. So how come everyone falls in love with him? And how come he also…falls in love?

PPS is a cinematic, magical musical show about a character like no other. The series stars, Yehonatan Margi – Israel's leading teen pop star and a brilliant singer and dancer.

Genre: Tween Musical Drama

Created by: Ori Gross

Produced by: Tedy Productions

Duration: 22 x 22'

Seasons: 1

Network: Teen Nick

Channel Info: YES 94

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