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Skewl is a skit-show offering a comedically-exaggerated look into the inner workings of High School. A wild, satirical, unapologetic and subversively over-the-top depiction of high school as a microcosm of present-day society, with all of its divisions and conflicts. Skewl uses wild comedy to take on the controversial topics that define teens these days and strives to inspire conversations among families viewing together.

The show is shot in a mockumentary style, incorporating testimonials shot by an invisible documentary crew, following and interviewing the teachers and students throughout the season.

Genre: Comedy

Created by: Erez Ben Harush  

Produced by: Ananey Studios

Duration:  25 x 15'

Seasons:  1

Network:  Teen Nick    

Channel Info: YES & HOT

Skewl Sample Episode
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