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“Spell Keepers” is an exciting, mysterious and fantastical suspense series. It focuses on two strong and determined girl heroines – Kirki and Laila who have set out to perform their crucial roles in the world. As they strive to save humanity, they must choose between their own personal happiness and fulfill their destinies, while facing an inevitable collision between good and evil.

"Spell Keepers" was created & written by Michal Cooper Keren, one of the busiest screenwriters and showrunners in Israel. She has dozens of successes under her belt, locally as well as internationally. These include such hits as "Summer Break Stories", which aired on over 32 Disney channels worldwide, as well as the Israeli teen-drama "North Star" for Disney Israel. In 2016 Disney Channel UK produced, with Zodiak Kids Studios, an adapted version of North Star called "The Lodge". The series is currently airing in 108 countries within the EMEA region and in the United States. 

Genre: Live Action Drama

Created by: Michal Cooper Keren

Produced by: Nutz Productions

Duration:  150 x 22'

Seasons:  3


Network:  Teen Nick

Channel Info: YES / 94 

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