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In the middle of one of the richest districts in the country lies “The Hood,” a dingy cluster of low-income housing, where modest blue-collar families live. One such family is the Davids. Dad Ben is a widower who struggles to support his five kids. But after a string of failed business, Ben is on the verge bankruptcy and possibly prison. Making things even worse is the mayor, who is constantly trying to get rid of the Hood altogether.


The Hood weaves these dramatic stories with both comedy and excitement. Ben’s kids prank the community’s snobbish teens with oftentimes hilarious results, while tales of a mystical treasure lead them on a dangerous quest that could change their lives forever.


The Hood is a daily drama that skillfully combines edgy class struggles with suspenseful action and big doses of fun. A flagship shows that’s gotten rave reviews, The Hood is a surefire success among teens and young adults.

Genre: Live Action Drama

Created by: Giora Chamizer

Produced by: Nutz Productions

Duration:  150 x 22'

Seasons:  3


Network:  Teen Nick

Channel Info: HOT 81

The Hood International Trailer
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