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Discover a wild rich nature, almost unknown, in a land the sits on three continents, where a unique variety of species flourish like nowhere else in the world.


“Wild Israel”, featuring beautiful and unique cinematography shot in 4K, brings to the viewers the Israeli nature: from snowy mountaintops through the Dead Sea, the lowest place in the world, to the harsh desert and the soft beaches. Wild Israel reveals the secrets of the four Israeli regions and one exquisite natural phenomenon:

Negev Desert;  Dead Sea;  Red Sea;  Mediterranean;  Bird Migration


Co-production with Blue Ant Media for Nature Love/Smithsonian America

Genre: Nature Documentary

Co-Produced by: Shamaim & Blue Ant Media, Smithsonian USA

Duration: 5 x 60' (4K)

Seasons: 1 (ENGLISH)

Network: Distributed Globally

Wild Israel - Series trailer
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