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Meir, a baker in a small bakery, is just longing for love. After years of dreaming about Maya, his manager, he decides to take action. With the help of Golda, his best friend and mentor, Meir dares to declare his love for her, blissfully unaware that Maya only works at the bakery as her cover. She’s actually an intelligence agent who’s trying to save the world.


Somehow, Meir mixes up their plans for a date with her plans to meet another secret agent. In an extremely unlikely and ridiculous turn of events, he and Golda end up leading to the agent’s demise, leading to the even stranger outcome of them both replacing him as new agents, responsible for the fate of the entire world.

Genre: Action Teen Comedy

Created by:  Elad Chen & Raz Juvan

Produced by: Ananey Studios

Duration: 13 X 22’

Seasons: 1

Network: TeenNick

Channel Info: YES 94 | HOT 81

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