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Gotcha is a prank show featuring a group of cool, fun-loving, free-spirited, charismatic kids who live and breathe pranks and whose main goal is to laugh and have as much fun as possible.  This cool, entertaining format takes a bunch of prankster kids and, basically, well…just lets them run loose!

The Gotcha gang pranks anywhere and anyone who crosses their path; passersby on the street, people at the mall, and they even prank a different celebrity in every episode!  Gotcha is a prank show for kids, planned and executed by kids – the show is naive but wild, brand new but classy, youthful but still responsible and most of all hilarious!


The Gotcha gang invites all kids into their world in which they amuse everyone around them and especially themselves - they do it with charm, kindness and lots of fun.  Parents are invited to join the experience and share fun moments and laughter with their kids.

Genre: Kids Prank Show

Co-Produced by:  Bunim Murray, Billy Crystal & Nutz Productions

Duration:  7 x 30'


Network: Nickelodeon

Channel Info: YES 91 & HOT 84

Gotcha - Noa Kirel sample episode
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