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Tomer Blass, a Jerusalem baker who started growing sourdough many years ago and worked in various restaurants
abroad and gained extensive knowledge in the field.  He brought his love of bread from Paris to Jerusalem when no one in Israel knew of sourdough bread and decided to set up a bakery.

In the series, Tomer teaches viewers how to make bread at home from scratch.  In each episode, Tomer hosts a different culinary figure and together they will prepare a complete meal around bread.  The meal will include 3 dishes with the bread being the main source and everything revolving around it.

Genre: Baking Show

Produced by: Shamaim 

Eps x Duration: 4 x 30' 

Seasons: 1

Network: Food Channel

Channel Info: HOT 38,

YES 28, Reshet 13

Love & Bread Sample Ep
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