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To find the real heart of a city, one must visit its market. Market Values is a travel show that does just that - all around the world.

Hosted by Ishai Golan (Street Food around the World), Market Values takes viewers inside the most vibrant marketplaces on the planet: from Mediterranean bazaars to Eastern European flea markets. Whether it’s in Marrakesh or Mumbai, Ishai reveals every market’s most unique treasures - exotic spices, foods, flowers, art and many more. Each treasure’s tale will be recounted as Ishai speaks to the colorful and eccentric merchants one can only find in the market. 

Broadcast: Seven Network-Australia and National Geographic: Greece, Israel, Turkey & Africa.



Genre: Food & Travel

Produced by: Shamaim 

Eps x Duration: 13 x 26' (ENGLISH)

Seasons: 1

Network: Distributed Globally

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