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Based on the best-selling book series, two very different 12-year-olds: Ronnie, an uptight straight-A student, and Tom, wild and untamed, join forces to become the best detective duo in town. Together, they solve crimes that even the police cannot figure out.


A realistic and innocent series, colorful and urban, viewed from the perspective of smart and content children. Our protagonists explore a rich and vivid urban jungle of the big city, one that every child could get lost in.


More than 100,000 children in Israel have become addicted to the Ronnie & Tom book series. The adventures of the two endearing kid detectives from Tel Aviv have been featured in three best-selling books, recommended by dozens of libraries across Israel.

Genre: Detective Adventure Drama

Created by: Giora Chamizer

Produced by:  Ananey Studios

Duration:  17 Eps X 30 Mins

Seasons:  2

Network: Nickelodeon

Channel Info:  YES 91

Roni & Tom
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