Genre: Cooking & Design

Produced by: Shamaim

Duration:  9 x 30'

Short-form: 28 x 1-5'
Seasons:  1 

Network: Food Channel


#Storiez is hosted by local celebrity chef Omer Miller and his wife, Shiran Kadar ("Shiranka"), a designer and stylist with a respected following of her own.


In the program, Omer cooks recipes that can be adapted easily, and Shiranka gives viewers special ideas to upgrade the hospitality experience: refreshing cocktails, table design in a unique style, etc.


Each program they host guests as they come to eat in Omer and Shiran's garden. The series also gives a glimpse into the couple's lives - do they consult with each other before posting to the Instagram? How do you design the perfect frame and where did they eat the most delicious brunch in the world?