Writer,  journalist and presenter Hila Alpert takes us on a fascinating culinary journey revealing the story of raw materials and recipes that make up Israeli cuisine; Tahini, wine, coffee, fish, cheeses, spices, bread, potatoes, and more!!

Hila explores the process of cultivating these essential Israeli components by traveling to the farms or plants where they are sourced, learning how they were used to make classic Israeli dishes of the past, and also their interpretation into modern-day cuisine.   

Each episode concludes with Hila demonstrating to the viewers step by step how to use each raw material to make classic Israelis dishes. A personal interpretation from Hila's kitchen to yours!

Genre: Docu/Cooking Show

Produced by: Shamaim 

Eps x Duration: 15 x 25' 

Seasons: 2

Network: Food Channel

Channel Info: HOT 38,

YES 28, Reshet 13

A Story of Taste with Hila Alpert Sample Ep
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