Join host Ishai Golan as he explores the culinary delights found in streets and alleyways all around the world.  From the sweet churros of Mexico City to the buttery croissants of Paris, from the battered samosas in India to the crunchy fried frog legs in Bangkok - Ishai tries it all and shares his impressions with his customary lighthearted humor.


It’s an enthralling trip for Ishai and viewers alike, one that proves that you don’t need a rooftop to have a great kitchen.

The series is a co-production with Voyage, FOX International's leading French travel channel, and Kayenta Productions. It was awarded 'Best International Program' at the 5th Annual TASTY Awards.


Broadcast: Discovery Latin America and National Geographic International: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Netflix

Genre: Food & Travel

Co-Produced by: Shamaim, Fox Internationals' Voyage & Kayenta

Duration: 26 x 26' (ENGLISH)

Seasons: 2

Network: Distributed Globally

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