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Welcome to one of the most remarkable and impressive renovations. Emerging luxury within holy city of Jerusalem, this is the story behind the restoration of a hundred year old hotel, now the luxurious Waldorf Astoria.


 A Tale of Luxury follows the renovation and restoration process of one of the world’s most lavish and grand hotels. Through interviews with the planners, architects and conservation experts, the show looks at how this special undertaking both preserved ancient elements and brought the hotel back to life.


In examining the creative process, sources of inspiration, construction and design, the series reveals the means in which the architects, designers and artists worked together to re-ignite luxury amidst the old city walls.

Genre: Renovation Documentary

Co-Produced by: Shamaim & Waldorf Astoria

Duration:  3 x 30' (ENGLISH)

Seasons: 1

Network: Travel & Good Life

Tale of Luxury Sample Episode
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