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What a Zoo! is a single-camera sketch show that reveals the hilarious lives of the eccentric operators in the world’s wackiest zoo. Top comedians play characters who are just as wild as the animals they protect, from a lunatic scientist who wants to clone the world, to a grumpy chef who cooks gourmet meals for elephants.


What a Zoo!’s characters have become cult hits among Israeli children, and their universal appeal will charm audiences anywhere in the world. 


For the first time in Israeli TV, the new 4th season will first premiere as a Special Feature Film on Nickelodeon Israel during the December 2016 holidays, centered around a unique theme of a Zombie attack. Afterwards, it will proceed with a "regular" episodic broadcast with 15 MIN x 8 episodes. 


What a Zoo! – Zombie Invasion is thrilling, exciting, hilarious and best of all – the utmost surprising season of What a Zoo! so far.

Genre: Live-Action Kids Series

Produced by: Ananey studios

Duration:  41 x 15'

Seasons:  4

Network: Nickelodeon

Channel Info: HOT 84 & YES 91

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