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“BAKING THE WORLD” with Miki Shemo – one of the most famous and popular patisserie chefs in Israel and one of the biggest talents of The Food Channel staring in more than 15 different TV shows – hosting alongside lifestyle influencer/ blogger and TV Host Yarden Harel.

In each episode, Miki will prepare typical recipes from different countries around the world, including pastries and desserts of local Israeli street food.

Yarden shares her knowledge and experience from her travels around the world and teaches Miki how to upgrade his photography skills.   Her main focus is on the photoshoot because nowadays it's not just about baking. It has become essential to learn how to take the most photogenic images of the desserts and turning them into a social media phenomenon!

Genre: Cooking Series

Produced by: Shamaim 

Eps x Duration: 8 x 30' 

Seasons: 1

Network: Food Channel

Channel Info: HOT 38,

YES 28, Reshet 13

Baking The World Sample Ep
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