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A Project Runway for interior designers, The Design Studio pits 16 up-and-coming designers in an exciting competition that’ll jump-start the career of its winner.

In each episode, the designers are tasked with creating one space - a living room, a theater, or even a luxurious bath. Working in an enormous hangar, the competitors are guided by two top-class mentors - an architect and an interior designer. The winning designs move on to the next challenge, while the losers are sent packing.

In the nail-biting finale, an ultimate winner is crowned and he or she are rewarded with the fulfillment of their biggest dream: they receive a huge space of their own which will serve as a showcase of their skills and a launching pad for their careers!

Genre: Reality Competition

Produced by: Shamaim 

Eps x Duration: 7 x 30' 

Seasons: 1

Channel: Good Life Channel

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