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Home Page takes cooking shows into the 21st century. Produced in conjunction with Google Hangouts, Home Page is a live cookery class that takes place not just in a studio, but in the viewers’ actual kitchen.


In each episode, a celebrity chef launches a video conference with a number of students, each in his own home. The students all know each other - they can be family members, work colleagues, or athletic team-mates - adding some friendly humor and competition to the proceedings. The chef then teaches his online class how to prepare a meal of their choice, catering to their special (and sometimes very unconventional) requests. 


Home Page increased its normal slot’s rating by over 50% on the Israeli Food Channel, and has also become an off-air, interactive hit.

Genre:  Interactive Cooking Series

Produced by: Shamaim 

Eps x Duration: 32 x 40' 

Network: Food Channel

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